Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Honeymoon

First of all thank you to everyone who came to our wedding to support us, it means a lot that we have such great friends and family! After the wedding we got up Saturday morning and started packing for Hawaii! I was so excited I forgot to pack half of what I wanted to take! We left Saturday afternoon, had a wonderful dinner at the outback and then headed to Vegas where we stayed at the M Resort, if you are ever in Vegas and need a place to stay I would recommend this, except for a maid knocking on our door in the middle of the night our stay there was absolutely amazing! The next morning bright and early at 7 AM it was time to fly out to Hawaii! Thanks to my cousin Jackie and her kids for taking us to the airport! We finally got there after what felt like a million years and got our rental car, one word: tourists.We finally got to our hotel-we went to the wrong one first and I got panicked because they did not have us registered there and oops... It wasn't the right one. We finally got to the right place and had our super tourist car parked and went to check in. By this point it was about 7PM in Hawaii so we had been traveling for a very long time. We had a very nice gentleman that checked us into our hotel. He asked if we were on our honeymoon and we said yes and he said let me make a suggestion- you should upgrade your room and we will discount it because you are on your honeymoon. We must have had the tourist sign stamped to our foreheads by now because with out hesitation or asking what it would cost we said SURE! I think it was one of the best things that we did! Here is a view from the balcony in our room.... Some things that we did while there:We also went to the Dole Plantation and had a pineapple float that was delish and took a tour of the plant and learned about pineapples, later that day we went to the Laie Hawaii Temple. It was under construction but it was still gorgeous! The next day we went to the Polonesian Cultural Center, and watched a canoe parade, had a luau, and ate some good food! The next day it was off to the flee market this was at Aloha Stadium and it was so much fun! We spent most of the day there. Our next day we went to the beach, Raul attempted to snorkel ( I am deathly afraid) but it was too windy. We spent the day at the beach eating fresh fruit and playing in the water. Afterwards we went to dinner at a place called Duke's. It was a fun place that was located on the beach- this is a picture from our table: Our last day there we went to Pearl Harbor and tried to soak up as much of Hawaii as possible! We found our favorite place in Hawaii to eat if you go there you must try:
We flew home on the red eye flight, and coming home was by far the worst part of our trip! We want to move there! We LOVE Hawaii and cant wait to go back!


  1. One word: jealous. Ok, two words: congrats!

  2. Very cool blog, but, um, can you update it with baby stuff???? I want to see pictures of this little beauty I am hearing so much about! Congratulations Brooke and Raul. Love Keith and Jen